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The Delaware online practice tests at have been improved. You now have hundred tests with random questions at your fingertips. The database currently consists of more than 1,300 questions with everything from parking rules to the meaning of road signs. Everything is designed to help you prepare for and pass the challenges of Delaware DMV written test.


All DMV Written Test Questions Are from the Manual

To pass your test and become a safe driver, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations contained in the Delaware Driver’s Manual. It provides a summary of state laws, rules, and safe driving techniques to follow. You can download a pdf version of the Delaware Driver’s Manual from

All questions on the DMV Written Test are from the information in the Delaware Driver’s Manual. The Class D written test consists of 30 questions. The passing grade is 80%, which means six or fewer errors. One of the main keys to success is to read each question completely and carefully. Don’t add read anything into the questions that isn’t there.

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How to Study

The main purpose of the online practice tests at Driver’s Prep is to help you verify your knowledge, but they can also be used as a study guide. Using the information in the Driver’s Manual together with our practice questions is one of the most effective ways to reach your goal. Discussing questions, rules and driving techniques with peers, parents, or a driving instructor will strengthen your knowledge even more.

Young students often cram before a test, no doubt a habit picked up from school. All research, however, shows that distributed practice results in more solid knowledge. This means that you should study over many sessions. Break up the driver’s manual in smaller parts. Take practice tests over a longer period. Let the information sink in.


How Many Practice Tests Should You Take?

There is great variation in how long it take for users to get ready for the DMV written test. The value of test practice is, however, well documented. You will understand test content, see typical test questions, and get familiar with the test format. Test practice also helps you see things from different perspectives, organize information, and activate related knowledge.

This does not mean that all users will see large score gains after just a few practice tests. You should continue study the manual and verify your knowledge with our practice tests until you clearly understand why a test answer is correct. Read the comments and don’t focus too much on your practice score.

What about Cheat Sheets?

Don’t buy the hype. Too often, users assume because something costs money, it must be worth it. Nobody can guarantee that you will pass the DMV written test based on a cheat sheet with a limited number of questions.

There really is no short-cut to prepare for a DMV written test“, driver instructor Thomas Davies says. “The best way to get ready is to realize that you need to study. Becoming a good driver doesn’t happen overnight“.


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