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Driver’s Prep Adds New Questions to Idaho DMV Test

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Idaho DMV Test Now Updated

We have completed a review and update of our Idaho DMV tests. More than hundred new questions have been to our practice tests for Idaho learner’s permit and driver’s license. All questions are based on the Idaho Driver’s Manual, released by The Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles.

Idaho Knowledge Examination

In Idaho, you must be 15 years old or older to take the written knowledge and skills tests. The written knowledge test will include questions about Idaho traffic laws, shape and meaning of highway signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, and equipment required on motor vehicles.

The Idaho DMV test has 40 questions and you must correctly answer 34 questions to pass, which means a passing score of 85%. This more than other States, so make sure you study the driver’s manual and take as many practice tests as you can.

The Best Study Guide for the Idaho DMV Test

When you use our DMV practice tests as a study guide, it is actually easy to pass the Idaho DMV test the first time. Every question and answer is followed by a comment that emphasize important key points from the Idaho Driver’s Manual. When you miss a question, make sure you read everything carefully. Then go back and study that part in the manual.

There are 100 practice tests with 40 questions in each test. Questions are randomly picked from a large pool of nearly 1,000 DMV practice test questions. You will not find this large number of questions anywhere else. It also means that no two tests will be the same!

Online DMV Practice Tests Work

Surveys show that applicants who take our online DMV practice tests to prepare for the real written knowledge test scored higher than those who didn’t. If you are a first-time permit applicant you will perform even better if you practice with friends or parents. Almost half of our users under 18 studied together with someone else.

You are also better off when you spread your studies over time. Cramming or just trying memorize answers in a short period of time will not help you pass the DMV written knowledge exam. You need real knowledge and real understanding.

Why Wait? You Got Nothing to Lose!

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