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Drive Sober This Holiday

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

The Holidays

During the holidays there are more people on the roads. People are attending and returning home from celebrations. In the few days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve, more than 300 people die in drunk-driving crashes each year.

You Can Help Getting the Numbers Down

If you have been drinking, don’t get behind the wheel. Use public transportation, take a taxicab, or ask someone who has not been drinking to drive you.

Never accept a ride with a drunk driver and never let any of your friends drive when they have been drinking.

Drive Sober

Remember that alcohol affects your judgment. It is the first thing to go when you drink. Even if you think you know when you are too drunk to drive, you probably don’t. Your risk of being in a crash increases after the first drink, and is highest among underage and young adult drivers.

Or Get Pulled Over

Some people believe that they cannot be arrested if their Blood Alcohol Concentration level is below .08. This is not true. Your driving behavior may give an officer probable cause to make a stop and give you a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Even if your BAC level is below .08, you can be arrested based on the officer’s findings.

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