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Maryland Permit Test No. 3 - 25 Questions

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Maryland Permit Test No. 3

Maryland Permit Test No. 3 - Passing score: 88%

The passing score in Maryland is 88%. It means you should answer at least 22 out of 25 questions correctly to pass this practice test. The safest tactic, however, is to aim for a full score. Take as many tests as you need to feel comfortable with all answers. Learn by your mistakes. If needed, use the Driver Manual and read up on the facts.



Motivation and Endurance

Motivation and endurance for your DMV test

Motivation is one of the most important pieces that will help you succeed on the Maryland knowledge examination.

Endurance is another. Driver's Prep suggests that you take just a few practice tests each day, then return to them the next day. Give the brain time to digest all information from the Maryland manual. Focus on high-quality practice, instead of just quantity.

A Driver's License is an important step toward freedom and independence. A driver license opens opportunities. It is often easier to land a good job when you can drive. This is why you should work hard to build up your driver knowledge and do well on the permit test.


Is it the Same Questions on the Real DMV Test?

Is it the same questions on the real Maryland permit test

Many of our users want to know if they will get the same questions on their real Maryland license test. Overall, you should not expect to find the exact questions on any website. Practice tests and sample tests are created to help you learn, not to give you the correct answers in advance.

Driver's Prep has been in this business since 2007, longer than any other website offering free permit practice tests. Relatively early, we discovered that many of our users tried to just memorize answers. There was no true understanding or true learning. They simply wanted to see the real test and wanted to just remember questions and answers. Which didn't really help them on the real exam.

On the real exam, questions are randomly drawn from a large pool of questions. There are many variations on wordings and choices. Without true understanding it is easy to trick yourself into picking the wrong answers.

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DMV Questions about Driving in Rain

Learn more about safe driving in rain with DMV question examples.

Driving in rain contributes to more than a million road accidents every year. Study our tips about driving safely in rain very carefully. You are very likely to see one or two questions about driving in poor weather on your Maryland written test.

Our tips will also help to keep you safe on the road, once you've got your permit or unrestricted driver's license.

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1,000+ Maryland MVA Test Questions

These Maryland MVA permit practice tests have 1,000+ unique driver's license and permit questions and answers. The practice questions cover all areas of the official MD MVA examination, including safe driving, Maryland laws, rules of the road, and road signs.

With the license and permit practice tests at Driver's Prep, you will get feedback and brief explanations to questions you miss on your test. Use them too look up the answers in your study guide.

When you are ready to take the real Maryland MVA test, it will feel like you have seen all questions beforehand.

Simply put, you get Drivers Ed and permit practice Maryland MVA tests you can trust and that will help you pass.

All Our Tests are 100% Free

A practice permit test at Driver's Prep has always been and will always be 100% FREE! There is no need for you to settle for costly MVA cheat sheets or official permit practice tests with just a few questions. Every sample test here at Driver's Prep is based on more than 1,000+ free permit test questions and answers designed specifically for Maryland. You get all the MVA study help you need to prepare for the exam. Guaranteed.

Oh... and when we say free, we really mean FREE! There are no gimmicks or teasers, and nothing to buy.


Found an Error?

Found an error on the permit practice tests?

Even if all questions are carefully reviewed and verified, there is always a risk of errors. Let us know if you have found an error and we will correct it! (The link below opens in a new tab or window!)

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