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Illinois Permit Test No. 1 - 35 Questions

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Illinois Permit Test No. 1

Illinois Permit Test No. 1 - Passing score: 80%

What questions are on the Illinois written exam? Here is your chance to prepare for your Illinois permit or full driver's license test. Every question and answer you need to pass.

The passing score in Illinois is 80%. It means you should answer at least 28 out of 35 questions correctly to pass this practice test. The safest tactic, however, is to aim for a full score. Take as many tests as you need to feel comfortable with all answers. Learn by your mistakes. If needed, use the DMV Rules of the Road and read up on the facts.


Illinois Written Test 2019 | 35 Questions

In Illinois, you must take the written test for driver's license every eight years, unless your driving record is clean of traffic convictions. If you have a conviction, it's a good idea to keep yourself up-to-date with current traffic laws by getting the latest version of Rules of the Road and try a sample test every now and then. The renewal test basically has the same questions as the test for first time applicants.

What Questions are Asked on Illinois Written Exam?

Unlike many other states, several questions on the written test are true-false questions, which makes the Illinois test slightly easier than in other states. The rest of the questions are multiple-choice and like other DMV tests.

On, the test, you must:

  • Identify traffic signs by shape, color or symbol (15 questions).
  • Identify common traffic signals and pavement markings.
  • Answer questions about traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention and vehicle equipment

Our sample tests mix questions about road signs with all other topics. There are usually less than 15 road sign questions on each practice test. If you want practice only the road sign part of your written knowledge test, look at this test: Illinois Road Signs Samples - 1



Found an Error?

Found an error on the permit practice tests?

Even if all test questions and answers are carefully reviewed and verified against the Illinois Rules of the Road and State laws, there is always a risk of errors in a test when rules change. Let us know if you find something we have missed in our practice tests and we will correct it! (The link below opens in a new tab or window!)

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