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California Permit Test No. 3 - 36 Questions

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California Permit Test No. 3

California Permit Test No. 3 - Passing score: 83%

The passing score in California is 83 percent. It means you should answer at least 30 out of 36 questions correctly to pass both this practice test and the real DMV test.

The safest tactic, however, is to aim for a full score on each DMV practice test.

Take as many tests as you need to feel comfortable with all answers. Learn by your mistakes. If needed, use the DMV Driver Handbook and read up on the facts.

The more practice tests you take, the more you cover of the California Driver Handbook and the easier the real test will be.


California Laws and Rules on the CA DMV Test

California Laws and Rules on the CA DMV Test

Your California DMV permit test will have several questions about laws and rules that are specific for California.

Don't skip the chapter titled "Additional Driving Laws/Rules" in your California Driver Handbook, it may be one of the most import chapters for passing the ca DMV permit test. Laws and rules are explained in bullets explaining things you must not do and things you must do. Make sure you understand all of them. Some of them are very likely to be on your California written test. You will also find the questions on our California practice tests.

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Is it the same questions on the real DMV test?

Is it the Same Questions on the Real CA DMV Test?

You probably want to know if you will see the same questions on the real California DMV test. The simple answer is that you may, or you may not.

Think of these practice tests as a learning tool, not a way to get the exact answers for your real CA DMV test. Driversprep draw all questions and answers from the CA Driver Handbook, just like the DMV examiners. Some questions on the practice test are real DMV questions, but we also stretch it a bit…

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California DMV Test Questions on YouTube



Found an Error?

Found an error on the permit practice tests?

Even if all test questions and answers are carefully reviewed and verified against the California Driver Handbook and State laws, there is always a risk of errors in a test when rules change. Let us know if you find something we have missed in our practice tests and we will correct it! (The link below opens in a new tab or window!)

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