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Arizona Permit Test No. 61 - 30 Questions

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Random MVD Test


Arizona Permit Test No. 61

Arizona Permit Test No. 61 - Passing score: 80%

Arizona MVD Driver License practice test no. 61. The 30-question driver's license & permit test you need. Just like your real AZ MVD test.

The passing score in Arizona is 80%. It means you should answer at least 24 out of 30 questions correctly to pass this practice test. The safest tactic, however, is to aim for a full score. Take as many tests as you need to feel comfortable with all answers. Learn by your mistakes. If needed, use the MVD Driver License Manual and read up on the facts.


Is it the same questions on the real DMV test?

Is it Real Questions from the Real Arizona MVD Tests?

You have probably been looking for the real Arizona permit test answers and thinking you could just memorizing them to pass the permit test online. Unfortunately, you will not find these real test questions on any website and even if you did, it is not the best way to make sure you pass permit test. And honestly, it will not make you a good, responsible driver. Knowing the rules of the road is important.

Online tests pull random questions for your real license test from a large pool of test questions. Practice tests work the same way. Questions are from a large pool of Arizona MVD questions and answers. These practice questions may show up on your real exam, or they may not.

So, why should you use these practice tests then?

Well, mainly because they will help you learn better! Research and years of experience tell us that practice tests are the best way to learn.

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About the Free Arizona MVD Tests

Passing the MVD exam and becoming a safe and confident driver requires some self-investment. Even if you would like it to, it won't happen overnight. Adopt a healthy mindset and set up a realistic goal. Driving is fun, and you don't want it to end just because you didn't bother to learn the rules.

These AZ MVD sample questions will give you an idea of your progress and current knowledge. Aim for a result where you miss as few answers as possible. Ideally, you should reach a 100% score before you are ready. Discuss your progress with friends, parents, teachers, or an experienced driver. Try to cover your weak areas by checking the Arizona driver's manual. Pay attention to wording in the manual and don't add your own facts to questions and choices.

Read more about studying for the test here: How to Ace the DMV Test

Arizona Test Questions on YouTube




Found an Error?

Found an error on the permit practice tests?

Even if all test questions and answers are carefully reviewed and verified against the Arizona Driver License Manual and State laws, there is always a risk of errors in a test when rules change. Let us know if you find something we have missed in our practice tests and we will correct it! (The link below opens in a new tab or window!)

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