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Claim Satisfaction Guarantee by Allstate

Allstate introduces The Claim Satisfaction Guarantee. This new guarantee was tested last year in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia. It came with your car insurance at no additional cost. The guarantee is now expanded to 31 states, and more is planned later in 2012.

With this new guarantee, eligible customers who are not happy with the outcome of their claim can receive a credit to their auto insurance premium, if they write to Allstate within 180 days.

Happy Customers

If the customer isn’t happy, then we haven’t done our job, Chief Marketing Officer, Mark LaNeve says.

Allstate customers are backed by one of the largest claims teams< in the industry, available 24 hours a day every day of the year. In case of an accident, downloading Allstate's worksheet is a simple way to stay organized. It helps you to keep all the facts, phone numbers and report numbers in one place.

Source: Allstate. Image copyright: Hongqi Zhang

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