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What is No-Fault Insurance?

There are basically two motor vehicle insurance laws in the states, usually known as the Financial Responsibility Law and the No-Fault law. You must know which law (or laws) apply to your state and understand what the law means. Without proper insurance, you can lose your driver license.
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Getting An Auto Insurance

Since you are taking practice tests on this site you will soon have a new driver's license in your hand. And perhaps a new car? And your first auto-insurance?

Finding the best auto insurance is actually harder than you would think. Just because a friend or neighbor got a great deal doesn't mean you will get the same offer.

Here are some good advice on how to get a deal.

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Are You a Rate Sucker?

Insurance companies price consumers by comparing them to drivers with the same basic characteristics, like age, gender, or vehicle year, make and model, and more. What if your rate was actually based on your driving habits? Progressive wants to do this by introducing the Snapshot device.
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