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California Cracks Down on Auto Insurance Frauds

The California Department of Insurance continues its effort to stamp out auto insurance frauds. During the first week of November, local district attorneys and local law enforcement served arrest warrants in 22 counties against 195 people for alleged auto insurance frauds. These people have been charged with 236 felonies and 43 misdemeanors.

"Unfortunately, this type of insurance crime is surprisingly common", said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.
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Your Teen’s Learner’s Permit – A Parent’s Guide

Here are three things need to know when your teen wants to get a learner's permit and start driving. First, you need to be familiar with your state's requirements, whether you're just starting to teach your teen to drive or turning him loose for the first time. You must know the restrictions on teen drivers during the learner's permit phase.
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Lower Insurance Costs in California

Uninsured and unlicensed driver are more likely to be involved in a fatal crash and are more likely to leave the scene of a crash. They cost other drivers billions of dollars each year. A new law will help more low-income drivers to purchase affordable automobile insurance.
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Protect Your Car

Car theft used to be a teenager pastime. Today, organized professionals account for more than 80 percent of all car thefts. You should do whatever you can to warn a thief that your car is protected.
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