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The Dark Side of Car Ownership

Owning a car is not all roses and sunshine, however. Before you trade in your bus pass for a hefty car payment, you need to take a look at the dark side of car ownership. Understanding the risks, the costs and the rewards of car ownership is the best way to make a smart transportation decision.
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Learn Why Car Maintenance is Important

Knowing a bit about car maintenance is often in your best interest to keep an older car running for as long as possible. While having a new car is great, it's also an extremely expensive undertaking. Between paying your monthly car payments and spending a small fortune on car insurance, you may find yourself pining for your old set of wheels and the relatively low cost of maintenance. It's often a good idea to keep your old car running a bit longer rather than trading it in the second you're tempted by a newer model. Here is a look at several ways you can extend the life of your car by good car maintenance and simply changing up a few of your habits.
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