How Do You Make a Left Turn in a Roundabout?

As you approach the roundabout, look for signs to guide you through. Signal and move to the left lane well ahead of the intersection.

When you are close to the roundabout, you must look for pedestrians in the crosswalk and for traffic already in the roundabout. Be prepared to stop and yield. If there are no vehicles approaching from your left and no pedestrians in the crosswalk, you may enter the roundabout slowly.

Stay in the Left Lane

Stay in the left lane when you enter. Follow the center of the roundabout three-quarters of the way, or until you reach your exit.

Turn on your right turn signal when you pass the exit before the one you intend to use.

You must continue in the same lane as you entered. Look to your right to make sure no vehicles from the outside lane are crossing your path.

You should also look for pedestrian that might cross the road ahead of you.

More Information

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has excellent information on How to drive a roundabout