Barricade with sloping stripes

Channelizing Devices

The function of channelizing devices is to warn you of conditions created by work activities in or near the roadway and to guide you from one lane to another, onto a bypass or detour, or into a narrower traveled way.

Channelizing devices include cones, tubular markers, vertical panels, drums, barricades, and temporary raised islands.

On Which Side Should You Pass?

The orange diagonal stripes on the barricade or vertical panel guide you toward the direction to which you are to pass.

Stripes sloping downward to the right mean you must bear to the right and stripes sloping downward to the left mean bear to the left.

Facing the barricade above, you must pass to the left.

Passing on Both Sides

When you can pass on either side (both left and right), the barricade stripes slope downward in both directions from the center of the barricade – or from two barricades placed side by side.

Closed Roads – When You Cannot Pass

Where passing is not intended, the stripes slope downward toward the center on a single barricade or more commonly two barricades placed side by side. In these situations you will likely also see a DETOUR sign or DETOUR arrow together with a ROAD CLOSED sign.