Sidewalk and pavement

Where Do You Walk?

In Great Britain you walk on the pavement. In the United States you walk on the sidewalk.

British English

Users with British English background may be confused by the word pavement. In British English pavement refers to the path along the side of a road, also known as the footpath or footway. In the US and Canada, as well as other non-commonwealth countries, the path along the side of a road is the sidewalk.

In other words, a pavement marking is the marking on the paved portion of the road (road marking) and not a marking on the sidewalk.

Why it is Important

The word pavement is used in most manuals and it is likely to show up on knowledge tests, so it is a good idea to make sure you understand its meaning.

Carriageways and Highways

The North American roadway or highway is in British English known as a carriageway. A single carriageway road is an undivided highway and a dual carriageway road is a divided highway.