Slippery When Wet - Winding Road

Sometimes these two signs create confusion. It is important that you recognize them and know what they mean.

Slippery When Wet

The Slippery When Wet sign is used to warn of unexpected slippery conditions.

You may see a supplemental plaque with a legend such as ice, when wet, steel deck or excess oil. The sign is very common just ahead of a bridge, which typically freezes before the rest of the roadway. In wet or cold weather, you must slow down and drive with caution.

Winding Road

The Winding Road sign is used where there are three or more curves or turns, each separated by a distance of less than 600 feet.

You may find an advisory speed plaque below the sign. Slow down to the recommended speed.

There may also be a distance plaque, telling you how many miles of winding roads you should expect.

Will it Be on Your Test?

Yes, there is a great chance you will see one of these signs (or both) on your test.