Added Lane and Merge Signs

What do They Mean?

When entering a highway, watch for these signs. They give you important information.

One of these signs is placed in advance of a point where two roadways come together and merging movements are not required. The other sign warns drivers that two separate roadways come together as a single traffic lane and that merging is required.

Do you know which sign is which?

Which is Which?

(A) The Added Lane sign is usually placed such that it is visible from both roadways; otherwise there are signs on the side of each roadway.

When you enter the major roadway, you may continue in your lane.

(B) The Merge sign is placed on the major roadway to warn drivers about traffic entering from the side. The sign may also be place on the side of the entering roadway to warn road users on the entering roadway of the merge condition.

When you enter the major roadway, adjust your speed to traffic, signal, check your blind spot and merge smoothly.

If you are driving on the major highway, make room, if possible.