Woman in depression - Photo by Piotr Marcinski

It is a common mistake to think that alcohol is a stimulant – it isn’t. Alcohol is a depressant.

So why do people feel happy and relaxed when they drink?

Alcohol does not cause people to be depressed when they drink. Depressants are called depressants because they “depress” the central nervous system.

Alcohol can initially make you feel quite pleasant. It relaxes you and puts you at ease.

And this is how depressants work. They help treat anxiety, muscle tension, pain, insomnia, acute stress reactions, panic attacks, and seizure disorders.

Because they slow you down and put you at ease, they affect coordination, reaction, and judgment. This is what makes drinking and driving so dangerous.

You show, however, be aware that alcohol is extremely addictive, and when abused long-term it can eventually lead to symptoms of depression.