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Annual Auto Insurance Rate Check

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If you recently got your driver’s license and your auto insurance, you should remember to check auto insurance quotes on a regular basis.

Every year you drive without an accident or violation is to your benefit. Unlike people that have been with the same insurer a long time, young drivers have a good chance of finding a better deal by shopping for insurance at least once a year.

Remember, most insurance companies reward loyalty, particularly loyalty without claims. Safe drivers and long-term policyholders get bumped up into better rate tiers. But before you get there, you should do the annual shopping for the best deal.

Do not limit the shopping to one or two companies. Try to scan as many companies as possible. This is easily done online at sites like Answer Financial, NetQuote, InsWeb, and

On most sites, you will not get an immediate quote online, but will be contacted by a sales agent. You should perhaps consider creating a separate email address for this purpose, since you will get many emails messages from eager insurance agents, and they tend to continue sending you mails.

You state’s insurance department may also provide rate comparisons. Such comparisons are not premium quotes, but serve as a really good survey of available insurers and the typical premium in your area.

A premium survey done online at California Department of Insurance shows that a young family couple in Los Angeles (Lakewood), with a standard type of coverage may get away with paying just $1,664 at Metropolitan Direct, instead of $4,251 at Nationwide, an annual saving of $2,587.

The premium is also higher with insurance companies like Farmers/Mid-Century ($3,428), Geico ($2,293), Progressive West ($2,350), and Allstate ($2,689). The premiums displayed are annual premiums and are effective as of January 1, 2013, but are not actual quotes.


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