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Alabama Driver Manual

Nervous about your written test for your learner’s license or driver’s license?

Do you wonder how to pass and what questions will be on the test?

Do not worry anymore. On you will find both the questions and answers, along with detailed explanations. Every day users let us know that our tests have been a big help to them.

We have now updated the Alabama DMV test with more and better questions. More than 500 questions completely cover the contents of the Alabama Driver’s Manual, including the necessary questions on traffic laws, road signs, and rules of safe driving.

You should always start by reading the manual, which you can find in digital format on the DPS web site.

Think you can skip reading the manual? Please don’t! Some details in the manual might seem irrelevant or insignificant for becoming a good driver. However, knowing some of the facts is often an important part of the written knowledge test.

Safe following distances, in what situations you are required to stop, what to do at a railroad crossing, and responsibilities at the scene of an accident are all areas that might show up on your test. Generally, you will also find questions about right-of-way and drinking and driving. Study all these chapters carefully.

When you think you are ready with the manual, take a handful of practice tests at

When you reach a score of 90% or more you are probably ready for your real test.

Click on the button to get to our free tests. Remember, everything is free without any stupid gimmicks. You don’t need to sign up or we don’t ask for any personal information.

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