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Our California DMV practice tests have 1,000+ unique driver's license and permit questions and answers. The California DMV practice test questions are based on the 2016 Driver Handbook from They cover all areas of the official CA DMV test, including California laws, rules of the road, and road signs.

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Instruction Permit Requirements in California - copyright:

What the Provisional Instruction Permit Means

California drivers under 18 must obtain a provisional instruction permit before they can qualify for a provisional driver’s license. As long as the applicant are under 18, the permit and driver’s license are called provisional since they have restrictions that adults (18 and over) do not have.

California Instruction Permit Rules

With a California provisional instruction permit, you must:

  • Obey the traffic laws.
  • Drive without a collision.
  • Drive with your parent, guardian, spouse, or an adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver license.
  • Hold your permit for six months before you can take your driving test to get your driver license, which means you must be at least 16 years of age.
  • NOT use cell phones (even if hands-free) or other mobile electronic devices while driving.
  • Make sure that all passengers use permanently installed seat belts.

Expect one or two questions about permit rules on your California DMV permit practice test and on your California DMV permit knowledge exam


When to Take the DMV Test

DMV written test questions with instant feedback and explanations

In general, you need to take the written DMV test:

 » When you are a first time California license applicant:
 ...and have never held a driver's license before.

 » When you are already licensed in California:
 ...and wish to renew your California license. A knowledge test may be given at the discretion of the California DMV - be prepared to take the knowledge test if they ask you to.

 » When you move to California:
 ...and have an out-of-state license. A knowledge test will be given, but the driving test is usually waived.

 » When you are a new U.S. resident with an out-of-country license:
 ...and wish to convert to a California driver's license.

 » When you are a 70 years or older:
 ...and wish to renew your California driver's license.

How Many Questions are there on the California Written Knowledge Test?

The number of questions vary between 18 and 38 questions, depending on age and type of test.

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Driver's Prep - DMV tests since 2007

Total passing scores in all States

See a list of passing scores on the DMV test here. Where the DMV knowledge test consist of two parts with a separate road sign test, the average passing scores from both parts are used. (Road signs tests usually have a higher passing scores, like Virginia where you must correctly answer all 10 road sign questions.)

States with different passing scores

California has three different tests, depending on your age and if you are a first-time applicant or not. The passing scores vary slightly depending on test.

Higher passing scores does not necessarily mean that the DMV test is more difficult.

How many questions?

The number of questions on the real DMV written test usually vary between 20 and 50, depending on State.

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California Driving Laws

California Driving Laws

Some Special Rules and Laws You Must Know

There are some special California rules and laws you must know for your CA DMV Test. They are very likely to show up on your final Permit Exam or Driver's License Exam.

Smoking in a Vehicle

Your business or not if you smoke in your car? Yes, it is, unless there is a minor in the car. Since 2008, California prohibits smoking in a vehicle when anyone up to 17 years is present.

Unattended Children in a Vehicle

It is also unlawful to leave a child 6 years old or younger unattended in a car. If a child is left in the car, it must be under the supervision of a person 12 years old or older. In hot weather, it is always dangerous and illegal to leave minors and/or animals in a motor vehicle. Read those chapters carefully.

And More...

There are more special rules and laws mentioned in the California Driver handbook. Study those chapters carefully.

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Driver's Prep - DMV tests since 2007

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Driver's Prep ( is a content and resource website that offers free practice tests for driver's education in United States. It provides the most complete online testing for all 50 states, including District of Columbia.

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Driver's Prep was created in 2007. At the time, there were no websites offering free licenseor permit practice tests to the public in United States.

Driver's Prep was a game changer. For the first time, any applicant for a permit or driver's license could access online tests without signing up with a driving school or driving class, and without paying a fee. Driver's Prep was also unique by not requiring users to create an account.

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Today, Driver's Prep has more than 1.5 million annual users and the database holds more than 50,000 DMV questions. The DMV questions are unique for each State and many are real DMV questions from official DMV knowledge tests.

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