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Wisconsin DMV Permit Practice Test Updated

The new version of the Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook has several updates. These changes are now reflected in our free Wisconsin DMV Permit Practice Test.

Take a special note of the following changes in the handbook:

  • Slow Moving Vehicles. The handbook empathizes how to act when you approach a slow moving vehicle such as farm vehicle or animal-drawn vehicle. This information now shows up in three different places in the handbook. You should expect this information to show up at your real knowledge exam as well as on our DMV Permit Practice Tests.
  • Malfunctioning traffic light. Do you know how to act when a traffic control signal has lost power or is malfunctioning? This information is new in the Motorists’ Handbook and you should expect such questions om the permit practice test.
  • Speed Limit on Freeways. Multi-lane freeways and expressways may now be posted for 65 or 70 mph. If there are no speed limit signs, the maximum speed is 55 mph.

The handbook is available as a hard copy at your nearest DMV office. You can also download a pdf version online, or get it as an eBook on your eReader device, kindle, tablet, mobile phone or desktop computer.

  • Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook (.epub)
  • Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook (.mobi)

If needed, download eReader software for your device:

More information about your DMV Permit or Driver License Test here: Wisconsin DMV Test & Permit Practice

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