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2016 Maine BMV Test Questions Update

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Fresh Update to Maine BMV Test Questions

We have updated our database with new BMV test question for the State of Maine. The database now has more than 1,000 questions, all based on the latest version of the Motorist Handbook and Study Guide released by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

We have put more focus on questions about Maine’s drinking and driving laws, just like the real Maine BMV knowledge test.

All BMV Test Questions You Need

Unlike many other websites, our questions are directly taken from the Study Guide. This will make sure that you study the right thing and can compare facts with the handbook. We put emphasis on helping you learn and understand the complete content of the handbook. You will need this to become a safe driver.

Read the Study Guide and Handbook

Remember that all real BMV test questions are drawn from the Motorist Handbook and Study Guide. You can expect questions about any subject in this booklet. This is why you should start by reading the handbook and keep it by your side when you take a practice test. Refer to it any time you feel uncertain about an answer. It will help you learn facts quicker.

Common Mistakes When Studying

Some users think that just memorizing answer from these practice test will help them pass the real BMV knowledge test. It is not that easy. In fact, it could have the opposite effect. Without real knowledge, you could be tricked by the wording of questions and jump to wrong conclusions.

You should take a systematic approach to your studies and start well ahead of your planned exam. Keep a consistent study schedule and take many practice tests. The more time you use, the more you will learn.

Putting off studying until the last-minute usually means failure. And remember, most people fail their knowledge test the first time.

Common Mistakes When Taking the Test

Read the BMV test questions carefully and don’t add any of your own information to questions or choices. Then, think. Test questions are usually quite simple as long as you give them a minute or two.

Pay attention to words like always, never, usually, must and should. The word must, as an example, means that there is a law requirement. The word should means that it is best practice, but not necessary required by law. The simple words are sometimes the most important.

Maine BMV Permit Test and Driver’s License Test 2017

Our practice tests will help you when taking either your first BMV permit test or a re-exam because your Maine driver’s license has been suspended or expired. A re-exam will not contain questions about permit restrictions or other permit rules, so just ignore those if you are forced to a re-exam. Learn more about: when you need to take the Maine Driver License Test.

Your knowledge exam will contain 30 BMV test questions and you can only miss six (a passing score of 80 percent).

Start Here for Your Permit Practice!

You will see more tests, once your start practicing.

Note: Post was updated 2017 with new test information (number of questions and passing score).

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