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13 Favorite Green Cars for Earth Day 2013

Green earth as concept - photo by Buchachon Petthanya

Green Cars for Earth Day 2013

Consumer Reports magazine lists its 13 favorite green cars for Earth Day 2013.

The list of 13 Favorite Green Cars are compiled by Consumer Reports. All cars beat 35 mpg in their testing. The list mostly consists of hybrids, but also a couple of fuel-efficient diesels.

Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf (electric cars) are rated in MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) calculated based on the same amount of energy in one gallon of gasoline. The Tesla Model S is still in testing, meaning numbers are not final yet.

As you can see, the list is dominated by Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen.

According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid get impressive mileage while still being richly appointed and pleasurable to drive. The Fusion is rated as one of the nicest-driving hybrids.

Prices run from $24,764 (Volkswagen Golf TDI) and up.


Model Type Tested price Overall mpg
Ford Focus Electric Fuel efficient hatchbacks $40,990 107
Nissan Leaf Fuel efficient hatchbacks $35,430 106
Tesla Model S+ Luxury sedans $89,650 84
Chevrolet Volt Fuel efficient hatchbacks $43,700 61
Toyota Prius Fuel efficient hatchbacks $26,750 44
Toyota Prius V Three Wagons $28,217 41
Ford Fusion SE Hybrid Family sedans $28,290 39
Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Family sedans $29,052 38
Volkswagen Golf TDI Fuel efficient hatchbacks $24,764 38
Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE Wagons $26,685 37
Volkswagen Passat TDI SE Family sedans $28,665 37
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Fuel efficient hatchbacks $28,055 37
Lexus ES 300h Luxury/luxury sedans $44,107 36

Source: Consumer Reports


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