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Which of the following is a U.S. Route sign?
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What You Need To Know

Many of the details in the state driver manual might seem irrelevant or insignificant for your driving skills. However, knowing your numbers is an important part of the examination.

Typical questions will deal with the speed limits, the distance you must keep to a vehicle ahead, proper parking, what do if you are involved in an accident, in what situations you are required to stop or yield, and things you need to know about railroad crossings.

Other question might focus on the need for auto insurance, when you license may be suspended or revoked for serious traffic violations. Questions about other penalties are not common, but may occur.

Typically, you will also find questions about drinking and driving. Know how alcohol affect your driving and know what implied consent means.

Questions about distracted driving are also common. You must know the cell phone laws in your state.

In short, study all chapters in the manual carefully. Questions on your final exam are drawn from all parts of your study guide.

If you need manuals or more information about the knowledge test in your state, check out this page: Manuals and Links

Passing Score

No matter what the official passing score is, you should always aim for at least 90 percent on the practice tests. If you get a question wrong, make sure you understand why.

Real knowledge will help you more than memorized phrases.