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When are road pavements usually most slippery?
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A.  When it stops to rain or snow. B.  When it first starts to rain or snow. C.  When it has been raining or snowing for more than 30 minutes.D.  There is no difference.

What You Need To Know

Many of the details in the state driver manual might seem irrelevant or insignificant for your driving skills. However, knowing your numbers is an important part of the examination.

Typical questions will deal with the speed limits, the distance you must keep to a vehicle ahead, proper parking, what do if you are involved in an accident, in what situations you are required to stop or yield, and what to do at a railroad crossing.

Other question might focus on the need for auto insurance, license suspensions or the penalties for some serious violations.

Typically, you will also find questions about drinking and driving.

Study all chapters in the manual carefully.

If you need manuals or more information about the knowledge test in your state, check out this page: Manuals and Links