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Passing the Texas driver exam takes hard work. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Texas DPS practice tests help! 9 out of 10 of our users pass the real Texas written knowledge test with ease. is rated 4.43 out of 5 - based on 1,896 ratings.

1,000+ Texas DPS Test Questions

DMV written test questions with instant feedback and explanations

Unique and real Texas questions

Our Texas DPS practice tests have 1,000+ unique driver's license and permit questions and answers. The Texas practice test questions are taken from the official Texas Driver's Handbook published by Texas Department of Public Safety. They cover all areas of the official TX DPS examination, including safe driving and Texas laws, rules of the road, and road signs.

With the license and permit practice tests at Driver's Prep, you will get instant feedback and explanations. When you take the real the real Texas DPS will test, it will feel like you have already seen all questions beforehand.

Drivers Ed and Texas DPS permit practice test you can trust

A practice permit test at Driver's Prep is always 100% FREE! There is no need to settle for costly DPS cheat sheets or official permit practice tests with just a few questions. Every DPS practice exam is based on more than 1,000+ free permit test questions and answers for Texas. You get all the DMV study help you need to prepare for the exam. Guaranteed. Oh... and when we say free, we really mean FREE! There are no gimmicks and nothing to buy.

How to Ace the DMV Test

Is there a secret behind passing the driver's exam?

What is the secret behind passing the Texas DPS exam? Is it enough to just take the DPS practice tests? We asked Joni Stark, an experienced driving instructor, and she shares some of her best tips.

How should you study?

It is important to remember, that no two people study the exact same way. What works for some, may not work for others. Researchers, however, say that there are some general methods that get better results than other methods. You should try to figure out what will work for you.

Start with the Texas driver's manual

It is a good idea to scan the manual and understand what you need to learn. Every chapter and every word in that manual counts. Questions on your final driver's examination will be drawn from all parts of the manual.

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What You Need to Know about Road Signs

Road Signs - Know the Basic Shapes

Learn to decode road signs by shape and color

Being able to decode road signs by just looking at shapes and colors is important for your DMV written test, but also for your safety on the road. A question about the shapes or colors of road signs is likely to appear on your permit practice test, and may also appear your real examination. The idea is that you should be able to recognize signs from a distance and to act correctly, even if the sign is barely visible.

Two important shapes

Diamond shaped signs are perhaps most important. They warn you of possible hazards on or close to the road. If you aren't sure about the message on the sign, the shape and the colors yellow (for general warning) or orange (indicates a work zone) should tell you to slow down and be alert.

A circular shaped sign is placed on the side of the road when you approach a railroad crossing. It is the only circular sign in United States. Slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary.

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Texas Knowledge Test

Who Must Take the Test?

Persons applying for an original Texas license must pass a knowledge test. Applicants less than 25 years of age is required to take a driver education course before applying for a driver license. Upon successful completion of the course, the person is not required to take the knowledge test.

The written test is not required for adult applicants who hold and surrender a valid, unexpired driver license from another U.S. state or U.S. territory. This also applies to applicants who hold a valid out-of-country license from Canada, France, South Korea or Germany. All other citizens with an out-of-country license must pass the written knowledge examination.

Applicants less than 18 years of age with a license or permit from a country other than the U.S. or Canada are required to take the knowledge test. This includes France, South Korea and Germany.

Texas DMV Written Test

The written test is based in information available in the Texas driver's handbook. It is offered on computerized test stations. If you do not pass the knowledge test, you cannot retake the test the same day. After 90 days or three failed attempts, a new application and fee will be required.

Foreign Languages

At this point, Texas knowledge tests are only available in English and Spanish. You must be able to understand road signs written in English to pass the test.

You may bring a translator, but the translator is not allowed to help you during the test.

If you are hearing impaired and have trouble reading, you may request an oral test with a certified ASL interpreter. Contact your local driver license office at least four business days prior to your visit.


How Should You Prepare for the Texas Examination?

Read the Texas Driver's Handbook. All driver's license and permit test questions are based on the material in this booklet. Get familiar with all areas and learn the laws and rules specific to Texas. Pay special attention to information and facts that are bolded or highlighted in the manual.

Give yourself plenty of time. Start preparing at least two weeks before the real test. Take several of our driver permit practice tests. They will help you determine when you are ready for the real thing.

The DPS Practice Tests

Our permit and driver license practice tests have 25 questions. As a rule of thumb, you should answer 18 questions correctly to pass (70%). You should, however, aim for a score of 92% or more when taking the practice tests. The better your score you have, the more confident you can be in passing the challenging driver's exam later on.

Read Everything Carefully

Don't focus on memorizing the exact answers or choices from your practice! Instead, you should get in the habit of reading everything twice. One answer may be correct when a certain question is asked, but wrong when you get another question. On the practice tests, you will see questions repeated with different wording and different choices. This is to help you being more aware of wordings and choices. Remember, real DMV tests are created the same way.

Watch out for the word "not", since it negate or "cancel" a statement that otherwise may be true.

All questions on the test are multiple-choice (or true/false). If two choices seem possible, make sure you evaluate question and all choices again. Only one choice is correct and acceptable.


Passing scores on State DMV tests

What is the passing score in other states?

See a list of passing scores on the DMV test here. Where the DMV knowledge test consist of two parts with a separate road sign test, the average passing scores from both parts are used. (Road signs tests usually have a higher passing scores, like Virginia where you must correctly answer all 10 road sign questions.)

Some states have multiple passing scores

As an example, California has three different tests, depending on your age and if you are a first-time applicant or not. The passing scores vary slightly depending on which test you need to take.

Higher passing scores does not necessarily mean that the DMV test is more difficult.

How many questions?

The number of questions on the real DMV written test usually vary between 20 and 50, depending on State.

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DMV Test: Back Up Your Car

What you need to know before visiting Texas DPS

For your road test, it is important that you know how to back up your car or drive it in reverse. Questions about backing up may also show up on your written $thedmvornot test. We tell you what to expect.

The Texas DPS test, and then what?

If you still have your DPS written challenge ahead you, there are some important points you should remember before getting in front of the computer screen and take your test. Afterwards, when you have your learner's permit, make sure that you go through them again and practice driving in reverse until you feel comfortable with it. Do you have a backup camera? Then, learn how to back up both with it and without it.

Quick Texas safety reminders

Know what to do before you get behind the wheel and put the gear in reverse. Know how to start, how look behind you, and which speed to use. All of those things are very important for your test and to back up safely.

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Driver's Prep ( is a content and resource website that offers free practice tests for driver's education in United States. It provides the most complete online testing for all 50 states, including District of Columbia.

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Driver's Prep was created in 2007. At the time, there were no websites offering free licenseor permit practice tests to the public in United States.

Driver's Prep was a game changer. For the first time, any applicant for a permit or driver's license could access online tests without signing up with a driving school or driving class, and without paying a fee. Driver's Prep was also unique by not requiring users to create an account.

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Today, Driver's Prep has more than 1.5 million annual users and the database holds more than 50,000 DMV questions. The DMV questions are unique for each State and many are real DMV questions from official DMV knowledge tests.

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It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

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Don't let an emoji wreck your life. If you're texting, you're not driving. Get the facts on distracted driving and commit to phone-free driving.

Texas Written Knowledge Test No. 1

30 questions and answers from Texas DPS written test.

Are you ready for Texas written knowledge test?

DMV written tests around the country are being updated to meet new requirements and tougher demands on teenagers who want their learner's permit or full driver's license.

Applicants with access to the latest permit practice tests got a better chance to pass. They become more confident and safer drivers. Users of these practice tests often pass the written exam the first time and claim that they were well prepared for the examination.

Sample Texas DPS Videos

This Texas YouTube video is a complete DPS test with 30 sample questions from our large database. Lean back, relax - and learn at the same time.

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