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Passing the Georgia driver's license exam takes hard work. Are you ready for the challenge?

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1,000 DMV Practice Test Questions

Georgia DMV practice test questions with instant feedback and explanations

Unique and real Georgia practice test questions

The ultimate Georgia practice permit test at has 1,000+ unique driver's license and permit test questions and answers. Each permit practice test covers all areas of the official Georgia DDS written knowledge exam, including Georgia laws, rules of the road, and road signs.

With every driver's license and dmv practice test at Driver's Prep, you will get instant feedback and explanations. When you take the real the real Georgia test, it will feel like you have already seen all questions.

Practice permit tests 100% FREE!

Do not settle for costly cheat sheets or permit practice tests with just a few questions. All practice tests at are free and tests you can trust. They are based on more than 1,000 driver test questions and answers for the state of Georgia. This website gives you all the practice test questions you need to prepare and pass your written permit exam. Guaranteed!

YouTube Videos!

For quick recaps and reminders when you are on the go, you can use the Georgia YouTube videos. The contain some of the nost common and important practice test questions that you need to know the answer to.

If You Are Under 18 Years

GA Permit Tests for Georgia Teens - Under 18 Years

Applicants under 18 Years

There are some things you must remember if you are under 18 years of age. First, you must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the application. In some cases, a responsible adult can fulfill this requirement.

You must also show proof that you have completed the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP). In most cases, you may have completed this 4-hour course during your freshmen year of high school. Some driver's education programs may also include this course.

School enrollment

You must present proof of school enrollment or a diploma. Most commonly, you will get a Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1) from school personnel. General Education Development (GED) forms or High School Diplomas are also common options.

At age 16

If you apply for a Class D license at age 16, you must show proof of completion of a DDS-approved driver education program and evidence of at least 40 hours of supervised driving (which must include 6 hours of night driving).

Georgia DDS

More information can be found on Teen Driving Laws or on Georgia DDS website.

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When to Take the DDS Test

DMV written test questions with instant feedback and explanations

In general, you need to take the written DDS test:

 » When you are a first time driver's license applicant:
 ...and have never been licensed before.

 » When you have been licensed in another state:
 ...but your out-of-state driver's license has been expired longer than two years.

 » When you have been licensed in US Territories or Canada:
 ...regardless if your license is still valid or expired.

 » When you are a new U.S. resident with any other out-of-country license:
 ...and wish to convert to a Georgia driver's license. Georgia DDS waives the test for citizens of South Korea.

 » When Georgia DDS require a re-exam: after a revocation. At the expiration of the revocation period, you must apply for a new driver's license and satisfy all the original requirements.

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Georgia DDS Written Test

California Driving Laws

How many questions are on the DMV written test?

The written test in Georgia actually consists of two tests - the Road Rules Test and the Road Signs Test. You must successfully pass each test! You receive a passing score on each test after answering 15 out of 20 questions correctly. There are 40 questions in total and the overall passing score is 75%.

Road Rules and Road Signs

The Road Rules Test has questions about driver responsibility, knowledge of laws and safe driving practices. It is available in some non-English languages. The Road Signs Test, however, is in English only. You must have the ability to read and understand simple English such as used in road signs. On this test, you will only be asked to identify certain road signs, signals and markers.

All questions are based on the information in the Georgia Driver's Manual issued by

[ Passing Scores in Other States ]

DMV Test: Back Up Your Car

What you need to know before taking your test!

For your road test, it is important that you know how to back up your car or drive it in reverse. Questions about backing up may also show up on your written DMV test. By taking the permit practice tests here, you will be well prepared for both.

The Georgia DDS test, and then what?

If you still have your written knowledge exam ahead you, there are some important safe practices you should remember for the Georgia road rules test. Afterwards, when you have your learner's permit, make sure that you go through them again and practice driving in reverse until you feel comfortable with it. Do you have a backup camera? Then, learn how to back up both with and without it.

Quick DMV Answers

Know what to do before you get behind the wheel and put the gear in reverse. Know how to start, how look behind you, and which speed to use. All of those things are very important for your test.

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Driver's Prep - DMV tests since 2007

Free permit practice tests

Driver's Prep ( is a content and resource website that offers free practice tests for driver's education in United States. It provides the most complete online testing for all 50 states, including District of Columbia.

Practice tests online since 2007

Driver's Prep was created in 2007. At the time, there were no websites offering free licenseor permit practice tests to the public in United States.

Driver's Prep was a game changer. For the first time, any applicant for a permit or driver's license could access online tests without signing up with a driving school or driving class, and without paying a fee. Driver's Prep was also unique by not requiring users to create an account.

1.5 million users

Today, Driver's Prep has more than 1.5 million annual users and the database holds more than 50,000 DMV questions. The DMV questions are unique for each State and many are real DMV questions from official DMV knowledge tests.

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Check out our latest Georgia DDS video on You Tube. 20 questions you should know the answer to.

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Sit back, relax and watch the video. Try to answer each question before the correct choice pops up. After taking several practice tests you should be able to do this with ease.

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