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Recent Changes To Our Tests

New Database Structure

2014-09-15: Our tests have been migrated to a new database structure. The new structure will make updates easier. It will also be possible to use the browser's back button to access previous questions.

Pink Road Signs

2014-07-29: Fluorescent Pink road signs are used for Warning of incident management activity. This information is no longer part of the Florida Driver's Manual and questions regarding this have been excluded from our tests.

Submerged Vehicles

2014-07-19: Our Florida and New Jersey Practice tests have new question about Escape and Rescue from Submerged Vehicles.

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

2014-07-18: We have added 2-3 questions about sharing the road with motorcycles on the practice tests for California, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, and Oregon.

Errors on Result Page

2014-07-18: A coding error made the result page look weird in most browsers! It has now been fixed. Thanks to Roxanne for reporting this.

Oregon Sample Tests Updated

2014-07-12: New questions about sharrows and bike boxes have been added to our tests.

Illinois Driving Practice Test Updated

2014-06-29: Minor changes and updates to our Illinois practice tests. Two question on our California tests have also been modified.

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