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Our DMV practice tests have 500+ unique license and permit questions and answers. They cover all areas of the official DMV test, including the rules of the road and road signs.

With the driver's license and permit practice tests at Driver's Prep, you will get instant feedback and explanations. When you take the real the real DMV test, it will feel like you have already seen all questions.

Drivers Ed and DMV Practice Tests You Can Trust

Practice permit tests 100% free! Do not settle for costly dmv cheat sheets or a dmv practice test with just a few questions. These DMV practice tests are based on more than 500 free driver test questions and answers for your state. It should be all the questions and practice tests you need to prepare. Guaranteed. Oh... and when we say free, we really mean FREE!

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We believe that privacy is important. You don't have to create an account or give up any personal data. Our website is 100% safe. No hassle, no fees and no hidden gimmicks. Just 500+ drivers ed questions, answers and explanations. You will NOT find this anywhere else!

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How It Works

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 » Our online DMV practice tests are safe and easy to use.
 ...Nothing to download. No intrusive tracking.

 » Each DMV practice test at Driver's Prep consists of random practice test questions and answers.
 ...Many are real DMV driving test questions from the official examination.

 » You will get instant answers.
 ...Along with detailed explanations. If you are wrong, we tell you why.

 » Take our dmv practice tests as many times as you like.
 ...The DMV practice tests are random and will change each time. Just like real DMV tests.

 » No sign-up.
 ...We will not ask for any personal information or your e-mail address.

 » Large Database.
 ...We give you more driving test questions than cheat sheets and other websites. With 500 questions, you are completely covered and will pass your exam without any problems.

 » Best of all:
 ...Nothing to pay. Free is indeed FREE! You get all dmv test questions and answers free!

 » Instant feedback
 ...See below. Red color marks incorrect choice. Green always shows you the correct answer. Comments after each driving test question give you more information and explanations for your real dmv test.

Color system

When Do I Need To Take the Written Test?

 » When you are a first time applicant:
 ...and have not had a license before.

 » When you are a new state resident:
 ...and cannot surrender a valid out-of-state license.

 » When you are a new U.S. resident with an out-of-country license:
 ...and wish to convert to a state driver's license (exceptions exist).

 » When the rules in your state requires a re-exam, like when your license was revoked.

Top 15 This Month - Number of Free DMV Tests Taken

Number of DMV Practice Tests

* Score shows the average user result on completed DMV practice tests (25 questions).

Delaware Driver's Licenses -

Improved DMV Written Test Practice

The Delaware online practice tests at have been improved. You now have hundreds of random tests at your fingertips. The database currently consists of more than 1,300 questions with everything from parking rules to the meaning of road signs. Everything is designed to help you prepare for and pass the challenges of Delaware DMV written test.

DMV Written Test Questions Are Based on the Manual

To pass your test and become a safe driver, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations contained in the Delaware Driver’s Manual. It provides a summary of state laws, rules, and safe driving techniques to follow. You can download a pdf version of the Delaware Driver’s Manual from

All questions on the DMV Written Test are based on the information in the Delaware Driver’s Manual. The Class D written test consists of 30 questions. The passing grade is 80%, which means six or fewer errors. One of the main keys to success is to read each question completely and carefully. Don’t add read anything into the questions that isn’t there.

How to Study

The main purpose of the online practice tests at Driver’s Prep is to help you verify your knowledge, but they can also be used as a study guide. Using the information in the Driver’s Manual together with our practice questions is one of the most effective ways to reach your goal. Discussing questions, rules and driving techniques with peers, parents, or a driving instructor will strengthen your knowledge even more.

Young students often cram before a test, no doubt a habit picked up from school. All research, however, shows that distributed practice results in more solid knowledge. This means that you should study over many sessions. Break up the driver’s manual in smaller parts. Take practice tests over a longer period of time.

How Many Practice Tests Should You Take?

There is great variation in how long it take for users to get ready for the DMV written test. The value of test practice is, however, well documented. You will understand test content, see typical test questions, and get familiar with the test format. Test practice also helps you see things from different perspectives, organize information, and activate related knowledge.

This does not mean that all users will see large score gains after just a few practice tests. You should continue study the manual and verify your knowledge with our practice tests until you clearly understand why a test answer is correct. Read the comments and don’t focus too much on your practice score.

Start Your Delaware Practice Test »

What about Cheat Sheets?

Don’t buy the hype. Too often, users assume because something costs money, it must be worth it. Nobody can guarantee that you will pass the DMV written test based on a cheat sheet with a limited number of questions.

There really is no short-cut to prepare for a DMV written test“, driver instructor Thomas Davies says. “The best way to get ready is to realize that you need to study. Becoming a good driver doesn’t happen overnight“.


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How to Master the DMV Knowledge Test

You have been studying for weeks. Maybe months. The day is here. You are waiting at the DMV office for your turn. You are a bit nervous. You know that others have failed the first time. Is the DMV knowledge test hard? Can you do this?

You are not sure…

Relax. We will show you how to master the DMV knowledge test and you will pass with ease.

Attitude and Confidence

Keep a good attitude. It is normal to have jitters and being stressed before any kind of important test. Don’t add to the subconscious idea of this exam as a threat or that it is hard. Remind yourself that you did well on our free practice tests. Our practice test questions are actually harder than the real thing! Tell yourself that you will do your best and that your best is good enough. If you find yourself panicking and feeling sick, take a few deep breaths, but keep the good thoughts!

Your Turn!

One of the biggest mistakes is to not manage your time. In most states there is no time limit. Use this to your advantage.

Make sure you understand the instructions. If anything is just the slightest unclear, don’t be afraid to ask before you start your test. Read everything on the screen twice. Yes, it might sound like overkill. But better safe than sorry.

First Question

When you get the first question, you feel that you have seen it before. After all, you been taking the permit practice tests on this site for weeks, right? No wonder, you recognize it.

Don’t go with your first impulse to immediately answer the question. Read the entire question and alternatives again. Questions can be put in many different ways, just because it looks familiar, it might not ask what you think it is asking. Choose an answer only on the basis of the information provided within the question. Don’t read anything into the question that isn’t there!

Read all choices or alternatives. Perhaps you can eliminate some of them before choosing the best answer? After all, tests are constructed in a way that only one answer can be correct. The others are irrelevant or totally wrong.

Be Careful with Qualifiers

Qualifiers are words that qualify or intensify a question being asked. They are often very helpful when picking the correct answer. Words that strengthen the statement in a question, such as “never” or “always”, should raise a red flag! Why? Well, because statements with words like this are rarely true.

Look at this question: True or false? It is always safe and legal to drive at the posted speed limit. The first instinct may tell you that it is true. Words like safe and legal tend to stick in your mind more than the word always. And, why else would they have speed limits? Right?

Or like Bethany wrote to us a while back:

You have the right to go that speed on that particular road if you are whiling to risk your life. It means it is up to me to go at that speed under all condition if I can get through and or keep control of my car.

Which, of course, isn’t true. All states have a basic speed rule. This law overrides a posted speed limit. The basic speed law basically says that you must never drive faster than is safe for present conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit. In other words, the qualifier here ignores the fact that there are situations when the posted speed limit does not apply (icy roads for example). Look at the question again. The word “always” requires posted speed limit to be safe at all time. Which it isn’t. Pretty obvious, if you take your time and think critically.

Don’t Know the Answer?

Even if you are well prepared, it is not unlikely that you will get one or two questions that are difficult and that you don’t really know the answer to. Read the question again and make sure you don’t misunderstand or have missed something. Then stick with you first thought. It is usually the correct one.

Don’t Read Too Much into Questions

There is a difference between reading things carefully and reading too much into the questions on your DMV knowledge test. Once you have picked your answer, do not continue to change it based on “what if”.

Using your own experience or imagination can help you sometimes, but it can also trick you into seeing something in the question that isn’t there. Don’t add your own information.

Stay Relaxed

Stay relaxed and focused throughout the written knowledge test. Missing a question isn’t the end of everything, not even if it is the first exam question! Plenty of easy questions will follow. You will recognize several of them. Keep the good attitude and remind yourself that you are well prepared. You can do this.

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Auto Theft Information

What if Your Car is Stolen?

Think about this: what would happen if your car suddenly disappeared? Victims of auto theft often find it difficult, if not impossible, to go on with everyday life. That is why auto theft protection is so important.

The Most Stolen Cars in United States

The most stolen cars are NOT expensive sports cars or multi-purpose passenger vehicles. In fact, the most reported stolen cars are ordinary passenger cars.

According to NHTSA, the (2012) most reported stolen models are:

  1. Mercedes Benz CL-Class
  2. Mitsubishi Eclipse
  3. Mazda 6
  4. Chrysler Dodge Charger
  5. Nissan Infiniti FX35/FX50
  6. Chrysler Dodge Avenger
  7. Chrysler 300
  8. GM Chevy Impala
  9. Mitsubishi Galant
  10. GM Chevy Captiva

Did you know that every 45 seconds a car is stolen in the United States? Only half of them (54%) are recovered. Thieves can strip a vehicle in less than 30 minutes. They can make 2-4 times a vehicle’s worth by selling its individual parts.

Didn’t you find your model in the list? See The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2012 Theft Data for a complete list.

States with the Most Stolen Vehicles

The following are the 10 U.S. States with the most stolen vehicles:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. New Jersey
  8. North Carolina
  9. Ohio
  10. Nevada

The auto theft rate in these states has a significant effect on auto insurance premiums in those states.

How to Protect Yourself from Auto Theft

There are some simple steps you can follow to beat the thieves at their own game and protect yourself from auto theft.

First, get anti-theft systems and devices that make your car more difficult to steal and easier to recover. Most vehicles today come with audible warning devices. They may deter random auto theft by loud sounds. VIN-etching your vehicles windows/glass and even parts, is a simple and inexpensive protection. Electronic devices that prevent thieves from bypassing your vehicle’s ignition system are also effective. There are other electronic devices that disable the flow of electricity or fuel to the engine. You can also get simple GPS devices that can help law enforcement reveal the location of your stolen car.

Secondly, always park your car in a safe place. If you have a garage, use it. Hide your valuables. Always close all windows and lock the car. Never leave your car with the key in the ignition.

Get more information from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Crash Scene - NHTSA

Traffic Deaths in 2014 Hit New Record Low

The number of traffic deaths in Pennsylvania totaled 1,195 last year (2014). This is lowest number since 1928, when record keeping began. While fatalities dropped in many types of crashes, there were significant drops in crashes involving unbuckled drivers/passengers and drinking-driver-related crashes. Fatalities where safety belts were not used dropped from 425 to 383. Deaths in drinking-driver related crashes declined to from 342 to 294.

Traffic deaths involving drowsy or sleeping drivers, on the other hand, increased slightly. This is also true about fatalities involving drivers ages 65 and older. At PennDOT offers information for this age group, including Mature Driver Improvement courses that are available statewide, a brochure on talking with mature drivers, and other safety tips.

Zero Deaths Vision and Safety Investments

This continues a favorable trend towards the nationwide goal of zero fatalities.

“PennDOT continuously strives to drive down crash and fatality numbers, and we ultimately want to reach zero deaths on our roads,” acting PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards said when releasing the new numbers.

Every year, PennDOT invests about $20 million in safety education and enforcement efforts statewide. Over the last five years, PennDOT has also invested $50 million in low-cost safety countermeasures like centerline and edge-line rumble strips.

Pennsylvania Crash Statistics

PennDOT has released a Crash Information Tool, which is accessible at With this tool you can search data from police reports including number of crashes, people involved, or vehicles involved. The tool will not show personal data or specific police crash reports.

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Getting An Auto Insurance
Happy man - copyright: Diana Kadreva
Since you are taking practice tests on this site you will soon have a new driver's license in your hand. And perhaps a new car? And your first auto-insurance?

Finding the best auto insurance is actually harder than you would think. Just because a friend or neighbor got a great deal doesn't mean you will get the same offer.

Here are some good advice on how to get a deal.

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Ready for Your DMV Test?
Studying - copyright:
In many states, two out of three fail their first attempt at the DMV written test. That is why we created this site with free DMV practice tests and all you need to pass your DMV permit test. We are committed to help you pass your DMV examination the first time.

Being familiar with how the DMV test works is very important. Our DMV practice tests are based on the way the written DMV tests work in most states. You will be given multiple-choice questions with three or four answers. Only one is correct.

We suggest that you take some practice tests every day until you easily score 90% or more.

 [Read more...]

Quiz-A-Go-Go - Civics Test?

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Fred, CA: I must say that your online test questions have the best presentation, the quickest response and make studying for the test very worthwhile and productive. I also appreciate the exact adherence to the CA Driver Handbook so that we need not waste time studying other state driving laws. Your company serves a wonderful and beneficial public service and it is most appreciated!

Saint B, DE: I was looking for questions asked on permit test. This site gave me exactly what I wanted.

Abigail S, CA: This is the best dmv practice test for california. All my real questions were on the practice test. I nailed everyone of them. It was soooo easy. Thanks a million for publishing these dmv practice tests.

Shusil: I passed my test today and only missed two question (stupid mistakes!). I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it so quickly without these practice tests. Pictures and comments helped very much. I will gladly recommend this to others at my school.

Don: Best site I found. It gave me enough confidence to take test after just two days and I passed with no problems. Basically all questions my test was also on the practice tests here.

Rebecca: I love this practice permit test cause this more like the real permit test and itshows pictures so you can have a better understanding of what the question is asking you.

Elizabeth G., PA: This site has been a wonderful help. I had to take the test to get my license back and it was great to refresh my knowledge of the driving laws.

Amanda, NC: I like this test. Thank you.

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Recent Changes To Our Tests

South Dakota and New Hampshire Practoive DMV tests Updated.

2015-04-30: DMV practice tests for New Hampshire and South Dakota updated with a handful of new DMV questions regarding state specific parking rules.

Many New Questions Added to Delaware DMV Test

2015-04-09: Our Delaware DMV test now has more than 1,300 practice questions and answers. They will help you pass your exam. Guaranteed.

Questions on Alabama Practice Tests Updated

2015-04-08: Written reports after an accident is no longer necessary in Alabama, if both parties were insured at time of accident. Alabama DPS is now Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. Questions on our Alabama practice tests have been updated to reflect those changes.

Delaware DMV Practice Tests Updated

2015-03-05: A handful of questions on the Delaware Practice Tests have been reviewed and updated. One question incorrectly stated that you must signal 100 feet before a turn. Delaware law states you must signal for at least 300 feet before turning.

Blacked-out Traffic Signals in Delaware

2015-02-15: Questions about blacked-out traffic lights on the Delaware practice test have been updated. Delaware law does not require stopping when the signals are out-of-order. You must, however, slow down and be prepared to yield.

Passing Bicycles in Virginia.

2015-02-13: Like many other states, Virginia now requires motorists to keep a distance of at least three feet when passing a bicyclist. Two of our questions referred to old information from the previous driver's manual (two feet). These practice questions have now been updated.

More Questions about Aggressive Driving

2015-02-13: New questions about aggressive driving added to the California DMV Practice Tests today.

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